Fixings For Bureau Drop Down

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Fixings For Bureau Drop Down

I bought a very tatty and veneered bureau which happens to be the perfect size for the gap I have and to make a great cocktail/drinks/wine cabinet. I'll be painting it white and covering the inside of the fold down door with a marble effect veneer. It will need to be sturdy enough to support a bottle or 2 and the current fixings are inadequate. It's currently a brass bar with a slider fixed on the inside walls that goes down to a 2 screw fixing point on the inside of the door. The current 2 screw fixing has pulled out both sides and rather than just fill and re-screw I wanted something that's stronger. Whether this uses the current bar and pad or something entirely different. My initial thoughts are for small stainless pad eyes on inside walls and drop down connected with some stainless chain. But I can't think of a way to attach the chain to the pad eyes? Any ideas? Or any other better or easier way to provide a solid shelf once dropped?
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Two options, you could drill the hole out and install some type of decorative "bolt" through the hole and simply re-attach the same bracket.

Second option, clean out the hole and fill with epoxy and use same screws but that may eventually lead to same issue.

It looks like the door is particle board so it doesnt have a lot of holding strength for screws!
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I did think of the decorative bolts but can't find anywhere :/ Was even considering coach bolts but the heads would be too close together
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Google brass sex bolt. (Brass binding post) You can surely find one small / short enough.
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Hard to give ideas without seeing the outside.

I would drill through.
Then use a couple countersunk bolts from the outside.Make the holes just the right size so the bolt has to screw in the wood.
Then a couple nuts an the inside.

Then figure out what can cover the bolt heads .
Perhaps just a thin piece of strapping will look good.
Or fake hinges etc.
I would say just use filler since you are painting the outside but I do not think it would hold good long term.
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As Manden said, sort of hard to say without seeing the bigger picture, but a few opinions based on what I can see. First off, you're repurposing this into something that is going to see more use that maybe it was originally intended for, i.e. entertaining guests, presumably anyway, and you can't expect that everyone is going to necessarily be as careful with things, so you're on the right track to take a good second look at it. Chains as you mentioned might work, but I would probably stay with hangers like you have. Just not those because, again, a little hard to say from the picture, but I think you need something larger that fastens farther out on the door. Making that triiangle larger would help handle the load. You may or may not find something at a big box, but you might try a local independent Ace Hardware, or you could go online to Rockler's or someone like that. Even then though, I would definitely through bolt the hardware as opposed to relying on a simple wood screw.
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