Dying a sofa...anyone ever done it?

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Question Dying a sofa...anyone ever done it?

I have a few couches from the 70's that you just can't kill and you certainly can't buy them like this anymore. They are Orange! LOL I was thinking of dying them black as I'd hate to get rid of these Gems. They are the most comfortable couches ever! No slip covers will fit or look right. I was thinking of mixing some RIT dye in my automotive paint gun and spraying it on, but am a little weary on that idea. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Some considerations:

When you dye, excess dye must be removed afterwards by rinsing. It is impossible to rinse fabric while it is on the furniture, complete with underlying padding material. Unrinsed dye is apt to ruin clothing or even carpeting at some later date, whether by rubbing off or when exposed to moisture - a perspiring guest, a drooling baby, or a spilled glass of water.

Using an airbrush may work to apply very thin amounts of several different colors of a fabric paint of a sort that does not require heat fixing afterwards, or use heat-set paint and do the heat-setting step afterwards with a fabric steamer or with a heat gun, which is rather like a hand-held hair dryer without the fan. You might also consider sponge-painting, rather than air brushing, with the same sort of fabric paint. You won"t get a uniform effect. It is probably important to try as hard as possible to avoid soaking the underlying padding.

Keep in mind that most fabric paint is transparent and can only add to the existing color, rather than cover it up; it you want to cover up a darker color, you must look hard to find opaque paint. Study carefully the claims on how much the paint affects the feel of the fabric; some change the feel of the fabric only slightly, others make dramatic changes.

For best results, the fabric really ought to be removed from the furniture before applying color to it, but careful use of fabric paint may make it possible to change upholstery in place.

Hope this helps.

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