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I have a large black lacquer coffee table that has several scratches on it. How do I go about repairing those scratches without having to do the entire table?
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Scratches can range anywhere from minor abrasion marks left by sliding plates to something resembling the Mariannas Trench. Most (thank goodness) are toward the minor end of the spectrum.

If your marks can be seen, but not easily felt with the fingertip, they can probably be sanded out with the sheen then being polished back. Use 600 grit wet/dry paper lubricated with water. The sandpaper should be wrapped around a FLAT wooden block to insure proper leveling. Apply moderate pressure. Stop after about 15-20 seconds of sanding and wipe the area clean. Look at the scratched area to see if it can still be seen. If so, repeat the process.

When the scratch has been removed, repolish the top (the entire top) with Turtle Wax Polishing Compound and Scratch Remover (1 product, available at Walmart and automotive supply houses).

Don't be too suprised if the scratch reappears when polishing - they sometimes do. It just means you have to sand a little more.

If your scratch(es) can be easily felt with the fingertip, they're probably too deep to sand without filling. This can be done using an aerosole lacquer (Deft is good). Clean the surface completely, apply a light coat to the scratched areas and let dry thoroughly. Use the 600 paper as above and sand down the sprayed area. You just want to remove the lacquer you applied that is around the scratch, leaving (of course) the lacquer that went IN the scratch. Sand over the scratch itself rather than trying to sand up to it.

Repeat this process until the scratch has been filled and leveled. Polish as above.

Whatever aerosole you try, spray some on the inside of a leg first to make certain it is compatible with the finish on your table.

George T.
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Unhappy Chewed Lamp Cord

My wonderful little dog chewed on a lamp cord and exposed the wires(the dog's ok). I was wondering if I could repair the cord with electrical tape (exposed area is not very big) or if I had to replace the entire cord.
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Question Black/Marble look lacquer dinning table disaster

The cat coughed up a mess on the Black/Marble look dinning room table. The finish is now very dull and somewhat rough. I think it's a lacquer table. It is a very high gloss laminant over particle board.
I was going to use rubbing compund to see if it would help get the high luster back. Would it be best to start with a 1000 - 600 grit wet/dry paper first.
I would be a real hero if I can get it looking new, like it did before, the infamous cat incident. I'm just lucky it's not my cat.

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