need to wipe off [Applied Stain]?

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need to wipe off [Applied Stain]?


I paid my cabinet doors using minwax stain. It wasn't very good because the paint wasn't even. Some portion of it is darker and thicker than others also it is not glossy as it is supposed to be. (if you are curious, I can provide pictures of them).

Before I applied the new paint, I stripped the old paint off. I am wondering that I did something wrong so I read some instruction. One mentioned that you should always WIPE OFF after you give a round of paint on the wood.

My question is:
What does "wipe off" really mean? For my case, do I need to do wipe off?

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first you said stain, then you said paint. which is it? are you PAINTING with paint, or STAINING with minwax stain??? tell exactly what product you're using & how you applied it.

what prep work was done to the doors before you began? were they previously stained or painted?
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I must a newbie. Now I know pain is different from stain.

I just stained with mixwax stain&polyurenthane. As last post, seems I don't need to wipe off but how come the result looks not even. Not a good prep work as you said.

to what extent should I do to make sure I have a good surface to put on stain? I mean I stripped off the old stain(or paint). Should I rinse them really good or what?

Bear with me and give me the answer
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you need to follow the directions on your stripper. then lightly sand, and remove dust with tack cloth. never use water on the wood, as that raises the grain in the wood.

what are you staining? what is the wood? pine? oak? pine doesn't take stain evenly, and you need to use a wood conditioner first.
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How to tell oak and pine?
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Also, after stripping, it is very messy, is cloth enough to remove them all? What sand paper or sand machine should I use after stripping?

I might need to repaint cabinet all over agin.
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re strip your doors.

after you think you have all the finish off then use "paint thinner"
and a scotch pad (green) and scrub the doors with the grain.

wipe the paint thinner off with clean white rags.

let dry in 60 plus degree temp for at least a day.

do any repairs, like filling with putty, etc.... then sand with 220 paper.

now, throw away the two part "stain/poly".

buy an oil based stain that is the colour you want.

apply the stain either by brushing or wiping on with a clean white rag
with the grain.

you will then wipe off excess stain with clean white rags.
you also want to be sure that the stain is on each door the same amount
of time before you wipe off the stain with the grain.
that means you cannot stain 20 doors and expect to be able to
get back around to each one to wipe off in the same amount of time.

now you wait 24 hrs while the stain drys.

now you can start applying your finish. if it is poly then you need to
follow the directions on the can regarding "time" between coats.

you will need to sand in between coats, use 320 paper, unless you
have major bumps from dust,if you do, then let the finish dry longer
then use 220 lightly, and try to fix
your dust problem, because you will want to use 320 paper before
your last coat.

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