Minwax Food Finish problems - white paches

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Minwax Food Finish problems - white paches

I've used Minwax Wood Finish, with great success on some antique pieces, specifically a walnut deco buffet - it took many coats beautifully, and has looked great for over a year. Well, I've gotten some Duncan Phyfe, and want to make my buffet the same matching color. Used Minwax Brazilian Rosewood gel stain on the buffet, and saw these white patches popping up right away... removed the gel stain with mineral spirits, and still have the white patchy, (almost chalky) stuff everywhere. Funny thing is, it will sand
out with fine steel wool, but I'm afraid to go to 220 grit sandpaper, and ruin the "antique walnut" color I had put on a year ago. The Minwax company
(their 800 number) was no help at all, and said their product was only for bare wood, and should never have the shiny, beautiful finish that I had, but
only a dull finish - (these people need to know their product-got the feeling that they had only been instructed to answer by rote) They advised acetone to remove all previous Minwax product, but I REALLY don't want to strip the buffet, as it has been through enough already, and I would use stripper, not acetone - Right now, I have a semi-shine, and the origional antique walnut color. This after many sandings with steel wool (furniture grade) and many 'scrubbings' with mineral spirits...
I suspect the Minwax furniture cleaner (bright yellow spray bottle)
that I used to clean off any furniture wax residue before I gel stained might
be the culprit, but have done this before with great results...
I'm pooped, and a little frazzeled now, so before I make another mistake, I'm going to wait for more knowlegable heads to prevail... Please, any help would be much appreciated - This is my vacation project, and I don't want to end my vacation with failure! Thanx Bunches, Kay
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Minwax - white patches

Crisis resolved! Removed the rest of the white patches with mineral spirits AND fine steel wool... applied more of the same - meaning Minwax Wood Finish, in a darker color, and whaa-laa...

guess the moral here is gel stain cannot go over wood finish...
By the way, it's already drying shiny... So much for Minwax's experts...
I will put a tongue oil finish on it, and have my "matching" 3 piec Duncan Phyfe dining room 'suite'...

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