Refinishing OLD 6 panel Doors

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Question Refinishing OLD 6 panel Doors

So This week I decided that I need to refinish the Doors in my house. I noticed this while I was installing new, updated door handles on the doors on the bottom floor.

The thing is that the house is almost 100 years old, having been built in 1914, I really noticed a thick build up of paint on the doors when I was sanding around the newly drilled holes for the door handles. And when a large chunk of paint fell off while sanding, leaving a really noticable line through the new paint I temporarily slapped on for the time being, that was when I decided that they needed to be re-done.

I know at this point that I "might" have a couple of options for refinishing the doors.

Option 1

Mostly I would like to go with a natural wood finish on the doors, but even through the layers of paint they are really beat up looking (the Pannels have cracks running through them, lots of Dents and imperfections in the wood's surface etc). And I dont know if there is a putty strong enough to handle the wear and tear of a door being opened and shut every day without cracking again in a week after getting the door re hung. Also when I was installing the new door locks, I used some wood bondo to fill the old holes from the old morter locks that were on them, and I dont know if its too late, or if there is a way to cover them with a putty that will stain, or if im just screwed.

Option 2.

Just strip down the doors, fill the dents and imperfections with putty, sand and re-paint.

I know that this is probably a question that I should have asked before I put the new door locks in, but I just found this website. If anyone has any suggestions as to what can be done to get me closer to option 1 please let me know.

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Removing that much paint will be a nightmare. I know what you are talking about. I've removed cabinet doors from old historical houses here in Charleston SC. I've pulled ALL the screws out of the door hinges (both on the door and the face frame) and the doors have to be YANKED off the cabinet b/c all that paint that has glued the hinges to the face frame. Incredible!

Second, removing that old paint is dangerouse. I'm sure it's full of LEAD. Wear a respirator mask ($30 at Lowes).

Personally I'd either replace them or just putty in the paint best you can (yes, fill in where there once was paint) and repaint them. Famowood is a great putty.

Just stick to a duller sheen paint. The shinier the sheen you use, the more the blemishes will show. I'd use a good oil base.
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Hey, another question, I have a bunch of old panel doors to "clean up". They're very old, golden brown. On some of the doors, there was 1/4 inch of pure black scum around the door knob areas and where you might kick it on the bottom. They are just clear coated I think. After TSP, half of the old clear coat came off, and some is still on. The wood is lighter where it is raw wood. I don't want to marry this project (I hope), I would just like to clear coat them again. Should I strip the rest, or just lightly sand, or just scuff it with scotch brite. If I just lightly sand or scuff, then clear coat, I'm afraid the color difference will be horribly obvious because of the existing clearcoat. And hey mako, are you a DMHO fan or Bible fan or both? Thanks ahead of time for whomever might help me with this. -Wisconsin Cheesehead, Sawdust.
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Welcome to the forums sawdust

While it is possible, it is isn't likely that you cleaned the doors down to raw wood. If you wipe the door down with paint thinner, while it is wet with thinner you will get an idea of what the door would look like if you just revarnish/poly.

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