Scratch on Cherry wooden dining table

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Scratch on Cherry wooden dining table

Hi all,

We have a new cherry Dining table(8 seats).We do not know much about wood work.
Something like thinner spilled over the table and as we did not see it right away, we did not notice the table observing the liquid.In a couple days when we noticed, the place mat on the table sticked to the thinner and as we pulled the place mat out, the coating on the wood for an area of 2 " /2" came along sticking with the mat. It looks so obvious on the table and this is a brand new table and we really feel so miserable.
Is there a way we could fill this patch? If so what are the steps and what do we have to do? Atleast some patch work which would match the table.The table top was smooth which means there was some wax or varnish, we are not sure what it is as we do not know much about polishing wood.Now we can see the real wood underneath.
Please help us here!
Thanks in advance.
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it probably had a multiple coat factory polyurethane type finish. i can't imagine any way to fix one little 2x2" spot and have it not remain a glaringly obvious defect. the entire top probably needs to be completely refinished. however, you might want to just try to make that spot as shiny as the rest of the table, but i don't know how you'd do that or what products to tell you to use. simply painting on an area of glossy poly surely wouldn't work (would it, pro's???)

as a last resort, if it's underneath where a placemat would normally be, i would either keep the table "set" & simply cover the spot, or use a table cloth or a partial table cloth or runner.

not to make you feel bad, but i'm so curious! why on earth was a bottle of "something like thinner" even NEAR your brand new cherry table? with the cap off? and spilled? and left for days??? was someone doing their nails at the table & spilled finger nail polish remover (been there/done that!)? or was it a food/beverage of some sort that ate through the finish?
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I'd check with the manufacture to see what type of finish they use.
Was it just a clear finish that was disolved? Or was some stain/color removed also.

You should be able to smooth out the finish with fine sandpaper or steel wool but even using an aerosol can of poly, I'd expect it to show. Buffing might help some.
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I agree that you should contact the mfg. You should also contact the place you purchased the table and determine WHO they use to fix problems such as this. You NEED to determine EXACTLY WHAT was spilled on the table as this info will be of value to them.

I doubt that the complete top will need to be sanded. It is kind of like doing auto body work, they can BLEND in clear coats so that they are nearly undetectable, but it is very important that you learn what the coating is. Clear coats are NOT all CREATED equal and some will NOT fair well when applied over others. Some will cause you more problems, so determine WHAT IT IS.

Don't give up, and don't SAND without PROFESSIONAL instructions.

I wish you well.


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