Anyone used Cabot's oil based interior wood stain?

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Anyone used Cabot's oil based interior wood stain?

Our local supplier has finally gotten rid of it's Minwax line of stains for something that hopefully will be less problematic.

They've replaced it with Cabot oil based interior wood stain. I'm hoping that it won't have similar problems with "bleeding" as some of Minwax's darker colors do. Any comments are welcome...

Later this week I'll be staining and finishing some trim samples, so I'll try to remember to post back and let you know what I thought of it.
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I have a customer who used to love Cabots interior stain. But now that is really just Valspar or Zar (I don't remember who bought Cabots) he thinks it is terrible.
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Well, I've tried 9 colors... all of them seem to require a LOT of stirring, with a lot of solids in the bottoms of the cans. I would just imagine that even after stirring, they would need frequent mixing to maintain a consistant color (just as the instructions suggest). The "natural" stain won't stir up completely with just a stir stick. Lots of floaters in it that won't dissolve no matter how much you stir. Had to use a little paint mixer on a drill.

Maybe it's the hot humid weather, but they seem to dry VERY quickly and get tacky before you've covered a very big area. I don't really care for stains that tack up quickly- when I work by myself it's kind of a pain in the neck to stain one board, then wipe it down. Then stain another, etc... I wonder if thinning with paint thinner would help, or if it would affect the color or consistancy? Some products are touchy if you mess with the recipe.

The colors are nice, though... looks as expected on the oak samples, and it seems Cabot takes REALLY well on pine, whereas many of the old minwax stains seemed to wipe right off of pine without taking on much color.

The product itself is nothing like Valspar's stain, which we used prior to Minwax. But having never used Zar, I can't say if they are similar/the same product now.
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The main thing I've always like about minwax stains is the fact that they mix and stay mixed well. The majority of stains I've used [other than minwax] tend to settle. Some while you work with them and most if they sit in the van a few days. Minwax stains also seem to last longer. I've used some brands that after a few months you had to throw them out because the solids settled and congealed - wouldn't mix back up.

Generally when you thin a stain, you lighten the color some. A thinner coat = less color on the wood.

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