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Red face breakfast nook plywood

Thank you, Thank you for any suggestions you might have. I am building a breakfast nook out of either birch or popular plywood. I am going to put three drawers in the bottom and the bottom box is 89" long by 27" wide by about 18" in height. My question is can I make one log 89" carcass or do I have to make two or three carcasses to support the weight of people sitting on top. My other question is if I make a face frame to frame where the drawers will go on the bottom do I make the back support and the face frame for the drawers below all out of one large piece of wood and would I use a piece of birch plywood for this? I would be eternally grateful for your responses. Thank you very, very much. Rona

How would I hide the raw pieces of the birch plywood. Thanks again.
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Hi Rona, I'll attempt to tackle some of your questions.

As for your question about the carcass of the cabinet, yes you can build it all in one piece, but I'd probably build them as 3 separate carcasses, and then set them all in place on top of a full length toe kick and then fasten them together... then have one face frame that is divided into your three sections that will cover the face of all three cabinets. Either way, the top should be separate, and would sit on top much like a counter top sits on top of your kitchen cabinets- it would be fastened from below by driving screws up through the triangular corner bracing of the cabinets.

I would suggest as a way to make a nice solid top, you could get a 28" x 96" solid core birch door slab, and trim it down to the exact size you need, keeping the factory edge in front so as to have a nice wood edge there. It might be pricey, but would be an excellent solid surface for your seat, and would easily handle several people of any weight. And it will be nice and flat!

If you use plywood for the top, it would need to be 2 layers, glued and screwed together, and the front edge would need to have a solid wood banding glued and nailed to the front of the top. A lot of work to go to, so the cost might be close to being the same.

For the face frame, you could probably use plywood, and not worry about the bare plywood edges if the drawers will have a full or partial overlay. No one will hardly be able to see the edges of the face frame unless the drawers are actually removed from the frame. But you could band the bare plywood edges of the face frame with a veneer, but it would really be easier to just make the face frame out of solid wood, rather than making it out of plywood and go to all the work of banding it.

If you're using plywood for your drawer fronts, you'll have to band it with either solid wood, or some of the iron-on veneer banding. I'd suggest you use solid wood for your drawer fronts, and just use the plywood for your drawer carcass.

Hope this gets you going. Just ask if you have additional questions, there are plenty of ppl here that are willing to help.

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