Accidentally damaged mother in laws cherrywood table.


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Accidentally damaged mother in laws cherrywood table.

So I was working on basically an art project on the table, I had a work area set up on the table so that it was protected, but I accidentally left a paper towel wadded up with some acetone on the table. When I went to pick it up, it peeled up the finish with it. I know how to fix computers, most car stuff, but wood is foreign to me. I dont know how to go about fixing it and I would prefer to fix it without her finding out. Please help!
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You may as well fess up, because no way are you (as a newbie) going to be able to fix that invisibly. Take your lumps now by being honest and admit you messed up.

That said...a good experienced wood worker/refinisher could probably make it almost vanish with just some minor touch up, once he knows what the finish IS. Most likely it's some sort of lacquer since that's often used in production furniture due to a fast dry time. It could be a polyurethane as well, since it's the top...but that's more of a custom/craftsmans finish. It wears very well and protects the wood, but would be hard to repair a small my experience. It would also take multiple coats and sanding in between.

Sorry, not the answer you wanted...but likely anything you do will only make it worse. And trying to do it on the sly will make TWO things worse. The table and the relationship.

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I don't think you'll get away with repairing it yourself either. From what little I see, it doesn't look like the table was in great shape to begin with. Tell her you are going to have the surface refinished for her birthday present.
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Thank you for the replies, I guess I'll have to tell her. lt was worth a shot, thanks again
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That was two months ago so the table may have already been repaired.
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