Customized drawer won't stay in drawer slides

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Customized drawer won't stay in drawer slides


My GF picked up this bathroom sink cabinet to replace our old one. I think it is basically this modewl:
The only issue was that the drawers went too deep and wouldn't fit around where the pipe needed to go.
I sawed off the back of the drawers, and used used the same backs and a nailer and wood glue to put them back together in a configuration that would work, and put in new drawer slides.
The fit has never been quite right though and before too long, the slides fail and bearings start to come out.
Is there something I can do to get the drawer to work correctly?
The cabinet uses large chunky plastic parts to hold the slides, so there isn't a ton of wig

gle room there.
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Side mount drawer guides are very finicky. The drawer usually needs to be EXACTLY 1 1/16" narrower than the opening is wide. So measure your drawer across the front, middle and back... and if those measurements vary at all, (such as bowed in the middle or smaller in back than it is in front) that's the whole problem.

If the drawer is flexing it's possible that it can be squeezed into shape... you might be able to flip it upside down, clamp it so it stays parallel, and then run a bead of PL Polyurethane around the bottom perimeter of the drawer (where it won't be seen) to glue the sides to the bottom... effectively gluing it into shape so the sides are perfectly parallel. Let it set up for a couple days to ensure the glue is set before putting it back together.

And when you get replacement glides you should know that not all are created equal... be sure you get the right ones for your drawer width. Some need the drawer to be 1 1/8" smaller than the opening... others may be 1 1/16" smaller.

And where you screw the guide on is equally important... they typically have tabs and multiple holes. You always put your screws on tip of the tabs so that the guide can flex laterally.

And you get what you pay for. Cheap glides usually won't last.
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Loosen the slide anchor screws so the slides have some slack.
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I missed that your guides were mounted on brackets. You might want to measure between them to ensure they are parallel as well. And if those brackets are a problem (too flexible) you might want to get rid of the brackets and add a solid backer instead.

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