Temperature sensitive garage door


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My electric garage door opener doesn't like it when the temperature drops below about 45 degrees. All summer, spring, and most of this fall, it's been fine. But now that it's finally cold, the door will only raise up about halfway. (It did this last winter also.) To open the garage door all the way, someone has to stand at the door and help it up. Any ideas of what needs to be done? Thanks!
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Janet: It sounds like a door adjustment problem rather then your opener. When temps drop, metal shrinks and probably binds up.
Try this, on the back of your opener, are two little plastic set screws. One says up, the other down. These are resistance screws.Try turning the up screw up to about 5. There are numbers on them. If it is on 5 turn it up to 6. If this does not work, check you door for binding up, especially in the rollers. Last of all, maybe your spring needs to be wound one more turn. Don't do this yourself. Call a garage door man or a handyman to do this. Very dangerous. Good
Luck, Jack the Contractor
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You might try to lubricate the strips that seal your door on the outside. If they are rubber, try a little spray silicone on them. If they are wood, use some wax... I use an old candle and rub it on the edges of the wood. Sometimes this is all it takes to get the door to run smoothly without straining the motor.
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Try regreasing the rail that runs from the unit to the door. Use GREASE, not oil. In the summer, less grease will do because the temp worms and loosens it. in the winter, the grease tends to thicken and make it more difficult on the door to raise and lower. - Toolman

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