Garage Door Opener Problems?


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Hi Jack:

I have a need to replace a garage door opener in one of my rental properties. The door is the older variety, which is made completely out of wood and pivots outwards as it opens.

The exisiting brackets, hindges and springs have been recently replaced <with in the last 5 years> and the door opens easily by hand.

You mentioned chain drives have less problems then screw drives and last longer.

Can you discribe the problems you find with screw drives viruses chain drives?

One would assume both need about the same maintenance. Is this true? What's your suggestions for maintenance?

The screw drive models seem to operate quieter and one would assume an all gear drive would be less prone to wear and tear over the years.

Chains, used of any operation, have the nasty habit of stretching with time and age and would therefore seem to become more of a problem over the years.

Would be helpful to know prior to purchasing and installing a unit.

Awaiting your professional advice.

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im a door serv tech and have found that
chain drives negatives are that the plastic gears wear out,the chain stretches over time,they are very noisey,most over the counter chain drives arent full chain they are half cable half chain
screw drive negatives are you must lubricate with a low temp. grease once a year but most screw drives are a direct drive to the motor or they have a steel coupler which eliminate the plastic gears
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Don't get me wrong Tom, both types of openers are good, and both have their down sides. Screw drives are less noisy. They do need frequent lubrication. But the real problem I have found, is that if there is a jam up of the door, the screw drive bows, and is very easy to get a kink in it. Throw that one out and buy a new one. Screw drives also take 1 1/2 inches more clearence to install. If you have a head room problem your screwed (pun). Chain drives are a little more noisy, the chain does stretch and you do need to tighten it occasionally.
Easy to do, turn the tighten nut a couple of turns. If a chain drive breaks, it is easy to repair with a new chain link. About $1.00.
I did go over my records before I answered you, and noted that last year on all the opener problems we were called out to, 80% were with screw drives. Also we installed over 50 new doors & openers last year, and installed only 7 screw type. The home owners bought their own openers, so no input from us. Hope this helps you. Good Luck

Jack the Contractor
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Thanks Jack:

Based on your informative reply, the fact that the garage door opens outwards and the house is occupied by tenants, I'll now purchase a chain drive opener.

That part regarding the bending of that screw drive shaft got me thinking. Glad you brought up that point. Replacing the screw shaft is what I would be facing if the door opened into a car, should one be parked too close.

I think I have enough head room to install either type opener. However, I certainly don't need another "SHAFT" and I have already been "SCREWED" once, just buying the rental house...haha

Thanks for your advice.


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