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I will be tearing down a small 2 car garage this weekend. I was wondering if anyone knew if a chainsaw can 'safely' cut through roofing shingles?

Also if anyone has any tips or horror stories about garage demolition, please pass them along.

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we use a chainsaw quite a bit in demolition but it really is'nt very safe.saftey glasses are a must!What the main problem i have found with using a chain saw cutting the roof away is if the chain grabs a nail itwill pull the saw right out of your hands.still running!You can use a circular saw with some old blades to cut the shingles then chain saw the roof boards.Or you can be real careful and use the chainsaw for all of it. Like i said we use it quite a bit but its not careful this weekend
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You can use a chainsaw if you like, but have your check book ready. You will burn out chains like mad. Shingles will burn out a chain in about 10 minutes. I recently had to make a cut through a 40 foot asphalt shingle roof, and burnt out three chains in 40 feet. Cost about $100 in chains. I would tear the shingles off first, easy to do, and then use your chain saw. Good Luck

Jack the Contractor

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