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last year i was having someone building me a garage and since then he decided not to finish the job leaving me to complete the work.I have been told the trusses are not placed properly and would appreciate any help anyone could give me.The garage is 24x24 with 1ft overhang in back and 3ft overhang in front.
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Is there 24" from center to center on each truss? If not, is there the same measurement, center to center on each truss?

Are they properly nailed and centered from wall to wall?

Will it receive deck sheathing or purlin for metal roof?

If you are okay with 3' in front and 1' in back leave it that way.

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Is it the spacing of the trusses that has you concerned, or the overhang ? You may be referring to the difference in overhang on the front and back. Have you cut off the truss tails yet ? I would highly recommend that you not take off the trusses and replace them. This will damage the integrity of the trusses. What do you want to do. Let me know.

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Jake, The problem that has me concerned is when he set the trusses he started at the 1 ft over hang in the back and measured 24 on center after that thus putting the 1st truss for structual support 12 inches in front of the back wall,which i have been told is not code and will not pass inspection.Also i,m not sure how to support the over hangs which are full face over hangs as opposed to just a lip around the top edge of the truss.Currently i have trusses every 24 on center starting at the back wall.A friend and i broke loose the trusses and reset them how i was told was the proper way to set them.Again any help would be greatly appreciated. Shaggy!!????
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Sorry about misspelling your name!!!
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I have a fairly good DIY sectionon my website that includes setting trusses.

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