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Thank you for yor reply on door size. If I use a "standard" 16 foot wide by seven foot high door how high do you recommend it be to the bottom of the second floor joists (top of the sills) to allow adequate room for the door to open including an automatic door opener. This garage will have a second story for storage. My current plan is for this height to be eight feet.

thank you again,
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Most garages that I've built have had ten foot walls. One foot for the concrete and then a nine foot wall built on it.
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Okay, assuming you are installing a 16 by 7 sectional overhead door.

Base the height from the finished floor, not the top of the jamb, because the door will be seven feet high, from the floor regardless of how your jamb is set!

The most common radius track is 15", and it is by far the smoothest, followed by 12", 10", low headroom kits, and low-pivot hinged top brackets. The tighter the radius of the track, the less smooth the operation is (typically).

Measure from your finished floor, or projected finished floor height and put a mark on the jamb at 7'. Add an inch for weather strip, and 2" for the operator (minimum). Now measure up to your joists and see what you have left. If you've got 0" I could still get it in with the right hardware.

You're worrying too much about something you have either read or talked about.

If you got your door from a reputable manufacturer, or craftsman in the case of custom wood, with the number acheived measureing my way, they will provide the appropriate hardware.

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You will need a minimum of 12" from the top of your door to the bottom of your joists.
This area should be filled by a 12" header.
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Thank you very much everyone for the replys. While the foundation has been put in place I am still designing the garage. I like the idea of of a very high inside. I will plan on ten feet from the floor to the bottom of the second floor joists.

Thank you again,

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