Update...garage door opener..hope this helps someone else


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Thanks Jack for your input...
but wanted to give an update so if theres anyone else that comes across this same situation they will have some ideal what to ck.
My husband and I were able to fix the 9 yr old garage door opener and it works like new.
If your at all handy and have this problem where the door seems to just slide down the screw drive when it closes it is most likely the CARRIAGE has worn down the metal teeth inside it. Just take the track apart close to the carriage (not hard just a couple of bolts) and slide the carriage out..you will be able to see if the teeth are worn down..after calling a couple of pro installers for the part and them telling me that on a screw type opener that the carriage is usually the first thing to go and for 10 bucks and 10 minutes to install the part the opener works great! Even if we only get another yr out of it..it was worth it.
Also the pro said that our opener has most likely lasted for 9 yrs because my husband has always greased the track every yr. So guess that was one of the most important parts of the instructions...hope this helps someone else out there..Have a good day!
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Thanks for your input. yes, those parts do wear out. You are also very lucky that you found a replacement part. Most opener companies do not have parts on hand for openers over 5 years. Yes, grease your screw at least every 6 months.
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Just a quick note, not sure of any other door opener but pertaining to Genie. I was told by several large door installer companies that Genie hasn't changed anything on their parts for the last 30 yrs. except for the circuit panel. Also finding parts via Internet seemed to be very easy if you have patience and time. I assume other brands might be as easy to find this way. Good luck anyone having problems..
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Thank you for just proving my point. Yes,
any company that does not improve its product or parts in 30 years does have to have alot of spare parts on hand.
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Yes Jack your probably correct, they most likely do have a great deal of extra parts. But that benefits the customers by not changing the door openers every year the customers are able to repair their old ones cheaper and easier. Without having to replace the whole opener, which is more expensive and a lot more difficult. Not to mention I'm sure having so many "extra" parts makes them easier to come by for us consumers. And on top of that the door opener itself has been well worth its money to have lasted 9 years already and this being the first and only repair. So I would purchase and recommend this brand again.

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