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I have installed new tension spring and adjusted it where the old one was. However the cables on the side will not wind on the pulleys correctly. My door is a single garage door. What am I doing wrong? Do the cables have to be adjusted also?
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I hate to tell you this, but the cables
needed to be tightened before you set your springs. Now if you follow my instructions,
you may be able to get out of your mess with
out loosening your spring (very dangerous).
Get a step ladder, two good size vice grip
pliers, and a adjustable wrench (8" crescent). You start by going about a foot out from the spring one way or the other, and putting on the two vice grip pliers. One each direction. As tight as you can getthem. Then go to one of the littlewheels your cables are on,loosen the two little square nuts, then turn the wheel to tighten the cable. Get it real tight. Then retighten the nuts. Get them tight. Now move to the other end, and do the same thing. Now your door should work. You are not alone. 80% of DIY'ers forget to tighten the cables first.

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I forgot to mention to take the vice grips off after tightning the wheels. You need the grips on tight, one against the wall, the other against the header. When you loosen the wheels, if the bar is not tight with the vice grips, your springs will unravel in about 1/2 second. Be careful.

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