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I'm looking for books on plans/designs/ideas for building a garage with second story living/office space.
I have high hopes on adding a two car garage and hopefully equal space above complete with plumbing, electric and some sort of heating, to a new house my wife and I are moving to in the next couple of weeks.
I'm (obviously) early in the planning stages and would like to get my hands on any available literature on this subject.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
regards, Karl
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Go to Home Depot. There is a big one at 122nd or maybe it is 102 & Sandy. another big one in Beaverton. If I remember right, they have plans for garages with living quarters above. If you can't get help there let me know, and I will get a set of plans and you can pay me for them. Good Luck
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Hi Jack,
Well, I'm not sure what you expected me to find at Home Depot, and maybe today wasn't a good day to check it out since most of the help were no more then college students, not that there's anything wrong with that <g>.
All I found was one small book, along the lines of a Sunset how-to rag, that combined shed and garage building in a very few pages (mostly pictures) with one example of a garage that included living space. All it said was "You can save money by using a kit", with no further explaination of said kits.
Anyway, I'll continue hunting. I've found a few sites that discuss carriage house designs and this is giving me some food for thought.
Would you have any knowledge of these kits?
Thanks for the feedback,
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Yes, the kits are pretty good. We can buy them locally. One thing about the kits is that most are designed in the east, many do not conform to codes. but easy to remendy.
I usually buy an extra 50 2x4's, and 12 2x4-14'ers. Other then that they are fine.
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I have a couple of those 150 or 200 house design books. At the back of one of them there are some garage ideas.

I've seen some decent ones with upstairs apartments/bedrooms.

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