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I am in the process of builing a garage on my property. In my past I have framed many houses but only with trusses. I want to frame this garage without trusses. My main question is what would the best way to do this. I was thinking about 2x8's sistered down the center of the garage and dropping 2x4 rafters to the wall. I want a 12" overhang on one side and a 24" overhang on the other. This is for shade in the summer time. The longer overhange will be on the west side. The floor dimesions are going to be 18' wide and close to 40' long. Some of the length will be carport on both ends but the roof will span the entire length. I would like the garage to be about 25' long itself. I live in az so i was going to match the 3(ish)-12 pitch my house has. What do you all think. I hope this was enough info.
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I think I would use trusses with a 12" tail on them, and then sissor another 12" for your shade. Trusses are cheaper, easier, and quicker. Since you are already used to trusses, why change in the middle of the road.
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I understand that Arizona has pretty strict code when it comes to wind. If I were not already very familiar with cut roofs, I would sure strongly consider going with trusses.

As Jack says, as long as you are familiar with trusses, stick with them. Either way, Simpson clips are going to have to be installed. Right?

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