Carport. Distance between posts?

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Question Carport. Distance between posts?

Hi! This may be a stupid question, and hard to understand, but I will give it a try anyway! I am about to start building a carport that will be attached to our house. The floor size will be 42'x24', and now the question:

How far apart can I place the vertical support posts (10ft long 6"x6") when I intend to use 24ft long 6"x6" lumber for the horizontal beams that the tin roof eventually will be placed on?

Can I place the posts as far as 20ft apart or will the 24ft long 6"x6" beam that I want to place on top of the posts be to weak to handle that span?

Would be happy to answer any questions that will help you answer my question!

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If you're in an area that has a building code, it will dictate what you can do.

If not, my advise is to get someone that is used to framing to look over what you're going to do.

From the info you provided, I take it the horizontal 6x6 will carrying the weight of the roof, and if you try to span 20', it will sag, if not break....especially if you get any snow load...

You really need to go taller with the lumber, like 10 or 12" to get some decent span.....with a 6x6, I wouldn't span more than 7-8'......even with a 6x12, you would be stretching it to get 20'.
Making a built up beam of 2x12' with plywood in the center is the way to go...but even then, I wouldn't say you could go 20', having no idea what roof load you're going with.....

You might also check you local lumber yards for glue-lam beams......they can tell you what size beam will carry what type of load.

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