Rotating X-mas Tree Stand

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Rotating X-mas Tree Stand

The wife wants a Rotating X-mas Tree Stand!Anyone ever build one? I know you can buy one but I'm not sure the ones you can buy will hold our tree. The biggest I've found was only able to hold a 8.5 tall tree at a 150lbs with an 1.5" trunk. Our tree is 10' tall and probably makes the weight limit but I'm affraid it might tip over on this stand. Any ideas on building one and where I'd start looking for parts and what to use?
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Set of large "lazy susan" bearings....some roller chain and a small gear motor ( Lincoln surplus in Nebraska ) would get me started....

....what I haven't worked out is what happens when you run out of extension cord hooked to the lights as it wraps around the tree trunk ! ahahahahaha...

....NO....wait a minute.....I got that one too.....set of brass or copper commutator rings set in the base with pickup brushes on the base to feed electric to the lights !......sorta what they do in revolving restuarants on top those hotels ( now start thinking about the plumbing ahahahaha )

Believe it or not, I was actually considering doing something like this with my fireplace when I built our current house ! Mount the whole thing on bearings so I could flip a switch and turn the fireplace face 180 degrees from the living room into the bedroom so when we "retired" for the night, the fire would follow......had it all worked out in my mind including the flashing at the roof top until my wife gives me one of her "return to planet earth" looks, where upon I built a conventional boring.

BUT, back to the Rota-Tree ..... I could steal the crank gear out of the White Mtn ice cream churn out in the garage, add an extention to the shaft, hire an elf to do the cranking, or a small electric motor if workman's comp runs too much on elves.......IF that ain't heavy enough, the rear end out of a 50's model Chevy truck will do it !

Boys, you just wouldn't believe the Rube Goldberg stuff I've invented around my place....

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