Raising Garage Roof and Ceiling

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Raising Garage Roof and Ceiling

After reading (and posting) a couple of questions and answers concerning raising a garage ceiling, I've got another question:

Could this be done without dismantling the current roof? What I thought was something similar to jacking up a house, preparing it to be moved. Attache 2x10's to the garage ceiling (underside), and use house jacks to raise it to the new level, while a new header is installed underneath it for the added height? I've seen a few answers that state you can add a short header for the new height, you just need to make sure it is braced around the outside with new OSB sheeting for strength. This way you would not require new trusses.

It sounds simple, but would it be safe to do? It seems possible if you made sure the roof was supported correctly. Just a thought.

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Is it safe? If you have never done it, no.

Is it really a practical idea, not really.

True, you save money but then again depending on age of garage, like do you have manufactured trusses or is it hand frame roof system?

The current condition of the shingles is also an issue.

It may be best to consider all factors of existing structure and reconsider the method you descibe and start replacing.

As you already read other posts, the new OSB to provide wall strength which is necessary. Obviously if this is going to have be done and you want added height, it seems that it would be best to tear down what is there and construct new, to the height that you need rather than taking more time and money trying to "make do". Siding is the other issue and again, with new OSB, you might as well go new everything. I assume you are also going to install new garage door and track. So after all this, what is your best choice?

Hope this helps!

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