Garage door stuck down - no access door

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Garage door stuck down - no access door

Our electric garage door is stuck down and we can't raise it up, no matter whether the electricity is on or not. The garage door openers all seem to be working (the indicator lights up when button is pressed) but there's no response from the door. We are not sure why it's stuck, because there is no other way to get inside the garage! No window or door.

The garage is an old one, detached from the house. It is very slightly tilted to one side, but the home inspector said that it has settled and will not be moving any more (it hasn't gotten any worse since we bought the house).

One idea is to have a door installed, but we're concerned about doing that without seeing the interior of the garage when the space is cut for the new door. There are cabinets hung inside on the wall where the door would have to be, plus there might be wiring, and we have tools hung on the walls in there.

Does anyone have any insight into this situation?? Should we call the garage door opener company (Craftsman), or some kind of contractor, or the electrician? We did have some electrical work done on the house right before the door got stuck, but electricity running to the outlet on the exterior of the garage seems to be fine. Prior to this the electricity to the garage would sometimes cut out, but in that case we could open and close the garage door manually without any trouble.


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A better option to get in the garage over cutting a hole would be to force the door open.
You will have to install an access door as you have found out, an electric opener cannot be counted on.
I'm sure this would be covered in your building code as I can't imagine the consequences if you had a fire that knocked out your power.
All doors must have an emergency pull release on the opener but you couldn't guarantee you could reach it or someone could get in to rescue you.

If you use something like a pry bar under the door and force it up, you could open it enough to roll under and pull the emergency release.

If two people each use a pry bar and lift near the outside edges you will minimize damage.
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Thank you for your response GregH.

Well, we called Overhead Door and they sent someone over who was able to open the door by pulling on a cord that releases the mechanism that operates the door. We had pulled that cord but apparently not the right way or something because he got the door open immediately. It's a cord that extends outside the door if you unlock a little hole in the door.

Turned out it was a faulty switch inside the garage that is cutting off power only to the outlet that we have the opener plugged into.

We are definitely going to put a door in the side of the garage. Why anyone would install an electric door into a garage that has no other way in/out is beyond me.

I need to go mow the lawn with my newly freed lawnmower now... looks like a jungle out there!

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