Removing Torsion Spring

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Removing Torsion Spring

I am replacing my garage door with one that has coil springs, but the present door has torsion springs. How do I remove the torsion springs?


William Wolfe
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Here is a link xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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When you say torsion spring I assume you have a big spring above the door opening that is wrapped around a pipe (or has a pipe/rod running through the center of it).

First. I am not a grage door installer or expert. Hire a professional garage door installer to do the job for you. The spring has enough strength to cause serious injury...

This is one of those jobs that can be easy but requires you swallow any fear and hold on tight and take charge of the spring. It is quite safe if you do it properly but can really hurt you if your are timid or afraid of it.

There should be a metal piece on the end of the spring that has a series of holes around it and a couple large set screws or bolts. I use two steel rods about 2 feet long that can fit into the holes. You use the rods as a lever to hold the tention of the spring. Insert one rod securely into a hole and get a good hold of it. Have a helper unscrew the set screws or bolts holding the spring to the pipe/rod. You will feel it pull on the rod (when the screws are released). Don't let it get away from you. Hold the rod in place. Slowly let the spring pull the rod around about 45-90 degrees and insert your second rod in another hole and repeat the pattern. You must always have one rod firmly in place with a good grip on to it. Never let the spring get away from you. If you let go of the rod it can swing around hard enough to crack your scull or break your arm. It's really a simple simple job if done properly. The force on the rods is not bad and does not require super human strength (just a good firm grip). All totalled it takes about a minute.
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I take two steel rebar 2' long. That is what I use. Make sure they fit the holes there tight. With the door down. start on one side but a bar in hold on to it tight. Back out the set screws. It will push you the way it wants to go. Let it off till you can get the other bar in the next hole. just on an on till it just set there. Do the same with the other side.


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