Garage Door Close but Reverses...

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Garage Door Close but Reverses...

When I close my garage door using the remote transmitters from my vehicles and the switch on the wall in the garage, the door would move and go down by one to two feet but would reverse back. I tried pushing on the wall switch without letting it go but I would also get the same result. I checked the LEDS on both sensors; they were bright and did not flicker. I also checked the wire connections going to the sensors and they seemed to be secure. Next, I applied lubrication on the wheels and the tracks and checked for binding but did not notice anything drastic that would indicate otherwise. I disengaged the lever to free the door from the chain and manually closed the door. Next, I pushed on the garage switch on the wall and the chain moved toward the close position, engaged the door lever, and locked the door in placed. When I activated the switch again, the door opened without any problem. One time, I manually closed the door 1/3 of the way then pushed the garage switch on the wall. The chain moved towards to down position engaged the lever on the door, and proceeded to close the door all the way down. The problem seemed to be at the stage when the garage door is initially going down for about one to two feet and then reverses back. Have any of you experienced this? Could this be from binding or perhaps materials contracting caused by cold weather (in the 30s) or do I have a bad circuit board? Appreciate your help.
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Some garage door openers have adjustable power or stall settings. Since the one type of opener may be used on many different sizes and weights of doors you can adjust it's power. Usually you can adjust the strength for the up and down independantly. They want them set so the opener has just enough power to move the door. If it is closing and senses a resistance (above it's set limit) the opener thinks something is in the way so it stops and reverses/opens.

Get a ladder and look at the power head of the opener. There should be some small adjustment knobs or holes you can stick a small scew driver in to adjust the controls.
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Thank you for your reply. I adjusted the "Down" knob at the garage door unit and raised the setting to three and seemed to solve the problem. The garage door now operate flawlessly.

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