Garage Door Opener Interference

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Garage Door Opener Interference

I have two Craftsman garage door openers, the oldest of which is some ten years old and the newest is five. Both have worked fine since installation. Two or three weeks ago, the remotes for both stopped working unless you are about three feet away from either unit.

I replaced the batteries in the units and the problem persists. I reprogrammed the newer unit which has a pushbutton and LED on it. My wife has a remote built into her car and I have the same problem with it; if the car is in the garage it works both doors, outside it doesn't work.

There is a green LED on the newer unit and it is flickering all the time, something I don't remember it doing before. It goes out when you press on any remote. It does all the things it is supposed to do in the program mode.

It seems highly unlikely that four remotes and a car remote would stop working all at once, or that both units would all of a sudden stop recieving signals more than a few feet away. I'm wondering about radio interference. We have a WI-FI router in the house but I shut it down (as well as all computers) in an attempt to find out what was going on. I also talked to my neighbors to see if they experienced the same problems or recently started using a new appliance that transmits signals.

Any help would be appreciated

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I'd unplug the newer unit and see if the old one behaves any better with the newer one unplugged...Maybe that blinking light on the new one indicates a problem.

Just a clue if it will help but you may as well eliminate as many variables as possible.

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