Garage door opener doesn't like the cold


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Garage door opener doesn't like the cold

Our house is seven years old - we had the garage door opener serviced during the summer.
This is a new problem - when it gets to 30 degrees or lower, the door won't close using the hand held opener. It will however - close when you hold the button on the wall down the whole time it's closing.
I put new batteries in the hand helds. So does anyone have a suggestion. Right now I have to walk around to the driveway - or if my husband leaves first, I have to close it using the wall button in the garage and then walk around.
My husband is a putz and cannot do any handyman chores.
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take your remote to the service dept that sell the make of your garage opener, it might be defected sensor in it


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See if the tracks or the rail have been greased. If so, try cleaning all the grease off and lubricate it with some spray silicone lubricant.

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I had the same problem . . .

I had the same problem and I found out it was the weather stripping I had installed on the outside of the garage door. I had installed it too tight against the door. It worked fine in the warm weather but the rubber got hard in the winter on cold days and would cause it to bind the door just enough to cause it to open about 2 feet and then just stop. I moved the weather stripping out a little bit from the door which still blocks the snow from blowing it but it lets the door come up and down just fine now.
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I have the exact same problem...

HOWEVER, I think the replies thus far are incorrect. Why would the garage door close when holding the button if any of those causes were true?? My theory is that the electric photocell eye is malfunctioning and holding the button defeats the safety switch. Any takers? Now the problem is how to fix it... I started disconnecting wires this morning, but to no avail. I hate to disable a safety system, but I really hate for my wife not to able to close the door with her remote. Developing story... Incidentally, it's a Craftsman about 7-8 years old. I'll be working on it tonight.
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Red face Cold Fix

My Sears garage door opener would not close all the way and then would go back up anly if the temp. was below 40 degrees. Above 40, all was well. I ordered and replaced the "mph sensor" and it works well even at 25 degrees. It was an easy fix. Good luck to you.
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You may need to increase the down force (two dials either on the back or side of the opener) For more info see this thread
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I've been having a similar problem and will be going out to check my weather stripping and adjust the "Up" force.

Ours closes all the time just fine, but on cold mornings (45 or colder) (yes, we call that "cold" in California) it will only raise about 1 foot then stop. When it warms up enough we can get it to open. Sometimes repeated attempts will get the door to open all the way, sometimes not.

The door and opener are only 2 years old and this is the first time we've had a problem with them.
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If your door hasn't been lubricated since its install, oil the rollers, hinges, springs, and the bearings.
Make sure that it works well manually, and try again.
If that doesn't solve the problem, you may need to increase the up force.

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