Garage door closes crooked

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Question Garage door closes crooked

My garage door is 4.5 years old and closes all the way however this month I noticed when it closes, one side is about 2 inches higher than the other giving the appearance of a a crooked door or sinking driveway The springs are center mounted and appear to be working fine. The door opens and closes with no problem and is still balanced when doing the half-way door test. I looked at the cable take-up wheels over the roller tracks and one is unwound about 2 inches more than the other when the door is closed. I see 2 nuts on these wheels that looks like the whell itself can be adjusted to let out some cable slack making the door align properly.

Is this correct and can this be done without injury since I'm not actually touching the spring mechanisms

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Did you check your door with a level? There can be a few different reason this is happing. Could be as easy as some loose bolts or it could be more involving.
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You are correct in it being the cable drums. Your spring shaft is most likely not keyed so over time drums do slip a bit on hollow shafts causing doors to be crooked.
You need to backwind your spring(s) before any work is done on these drums or cables as they are under extreme tension. I know exactly what the problem and solution is but I wouldn't recommend working on those springs yourself. Call a qualified door mechanic.
One thing though, the drum giving you the problem is not the one raising the door but the one that has lowered it. Loosening the set screw and letting the door fall evenly will only allow the shaft to twist unevenly on the other side leaving the door crooked on the opposite side. if this doesn't make any sense don't do any work on the door, call someone
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Thanks for the answers. I'll get Sears to come in and do it as they installed it originally.
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Where are you located?

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