Minumum Width For 2 Car Garage?


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Minumum Width For 2 Car Garage?

Hi Guys,

I am very happy to say that I just got a building permit from the city to build a garage.
I was hoping for 18x22, but since I only have 25' width the city has only allowed 17'.9" outside width.

I will probably just build it at 17.9 which should give me 17.1 on the inside. Do you think that would be enough room for 2 small cars to park in daily?
It will be a single 16' door and i will park the right car very close to the right wall. (we will not be storing anything on either side of the garage, just at the back.

I am debating building it at 18' anyway - What could happen if the garage is wider than they allow?

Thanks for your help

My main concern is if 17.1 is wide enough to park 2 smaller cars in everyday (again without anything stored on either side.

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Boy, your in a tight spot there. I would not recommend you build it to 18' and see what happens. What could happen is the city coming back and making you remove that section of wall and going back to set back limit which will cost you twice since you already paid for material and getting it built, now you have to tear it back down and rebuilt that side again. definately not worth the chance. Have you talked with planning and zoning to see about a variance to possibly going 18'. It will still be a tight fit for anything sized in the Geo Metro type car, dont think you'd be very happy if you ever bought 2 mid sized cars. Just figure on average "most" cars are typically 7' wide or so, then figure in added width when you open the door/s and add another 2' per door and you can see how tight it will get. Usually when I sell garages and they want just a typical 2 car, I size them at 24x24. Smallest unit I would personally recommend to a customer with small/mid sized cars would be 20'x20' for practicality purposes.

Just bid a garage the other day, widest we could go was 12' wide for set backs from garage to house and garage to property line-big shed is all it amounted too, city would not sell land next to him since they're buying out the entire neighborhood due to being in a flood plane, so they wont budge, basically told the guy 12' wide, or no garage if stuck on free standing. Gave him a bid for an attached and he did'nt like the footing prices.
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The garage I am just starting to add to my house is 20' deep x 18' wide with a 16' door. It is a small two car garage intended for two "toy" cars (BMW M Roadster and an Audi TT).

I think you can make your garage work with 17'9". It certainly will be tight for anything but small cars, or it can hold one larger car with storage space. I would be hesitant to cheat up to 18' but it all depends on your inspectors & zoning people. You will only gain a few inches and if you go over they can make you tear it down. There is a chance they will grant you a variance but they don't have to. I have heard that some communities can be real ****'s about their codes. I would be even more hesitant if they have made it very clear to you that 17'9" is all you can do. They may not hesitate to come down hard since they told you and you did not follow their command. It all comes down to... are you a gambling man?
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Garage Width

I will throw a twist in your problem. When they said 17' 9'', did they mean the wall width or the total width. Remember, your roof will stick over a little on each side. Just a question. Good Luck
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I meant 17'9" out side wall width

From what I hear Cambridge is very easy, i have heard that the inspector doesnt even carry a tape measure!

It looks like we can get the excavation, curb cut, gravel drive, and forming and concrete for $5000.00, does that sound reasonable?

Thanks again,
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