New Garage Floor - Sealer or Epoxy?


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Question New Garage Floor - Sealer or Epoxy?

I done a few searches on the here & elsewhere on what to use, not to use on a new garage floor. I am somewhat unsure of which way to go so I am looking for suggestions.

Situation is this: New attached 24x24 garage, fibercrete floor poured over 30 days ago. I do have radiant heat in the slab. What is the best stuff to use to protect this floor? I live in a cold climate & the floor will be exposed to slush & road salt. I haven't even used the garage yet so the floor hasn't been exposed to any chemicals or oils. Also the concrete guys polished the slab if that matters. Thanks, jude
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Originally Posted by xedge
Also the concrete guys polished the slab if that matters. Thanks, jude
Well this last sentance makes all the differance. How polished is the surface? If is "smooth" you most likely will not be able to seal it or put epoxy on it.
Both products REQUIRE the concrete to be "rough". Meaning it needs something for the seal or epoxy to grab onto.
If its just a regular old trowled finish all you have to do is throw some muratic acid on it and you would be good to go.
If its truly "polished" afraid your stuck.

if its not "smooth".....Polished.....

I would put seal on it myself. A lot of epoxy makers will tell you its ok to install over a heated floor but in the real word they usually crack or peel at some point.
Now the seal may do this too, but its a whole lot easier to put another coat or 2 of seal on. Redoing the epoxy could be a P.I.T.A.
Type of seal??? I would go with a NON-water based product. It will cost you more but trust me its worth it.
Also check out RaceDeck. Race Deck is tile that sits on top of your concrete and cost about same as epoxy.
Real easy to istall yourself...real easy.

Good Luck
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thanks for the reply. The floor looks and feels rough. Maybe the word "polish" wasn't the right term. I guess they run something over to smooth it out? I was thinking the same thing about the epoxy and heat. The non-water based sealer you speak of, where do you find it? HD or another box store or speciality shop or internet? The racedeck I will check out as well. Again the suggestions are appreciated.
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I have garages with both types of floor coatings. The storage and workshop garages have the normal clear, solvent based concrete sealer. The fancy garage has a mid-grade solvent based epoxy.

Sealer is by far the easier of your two options. Is is also less durable. It will help keep the dust down and will moderatley resist gasoline & oil especially if you wipe up spills, but strong paint thinners like lacquer thinner or MEK will disolve it.

Epoxy will be considerably more work. It can be put over a smooth floor provided you do a good/proper acid etch to clean and roughen the surface. Most of the epoxies available to "happy homeowners" are water based which makes them easier to work with but less durable. Rustoleum has an Industral Epoxy kit that is solvent based and more durable but is not carried by many big box home improvement stores. For any epoxy floor covering do not think of skimping on the prep one bit.

If you want to go over the top and have a high gloss hangar floor finish, Rustoleum has a 6500 epoxy that is incredible but brings new meaning to FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY. It is expensive, about $3 sq/ft if you do it yourself and plan on double or triple that to have it professionally installed (highly recommended).

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