How to weigh a garage door?


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Question How to weigh a garage door?

I have a 7 feet high, 9 feet wide wood garage door with extension springs. One extension spring broke. In the past the color coding on the spring has always worn off, so I guessed and installed new springs. To get a better match this time, I would like to weigh the door. Without several people to help me, are there any safe and clever ways to do this? I guess if I had a hydraulic lift of some type I could raise the door and then lower it gently on a bathroom scale.
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Exclamation Can I use a drywall lift?

I was at the hardware store getting information on extension springs, and I talked to the rental department about some device to aid in one person lifting a garage door. A drywall lift came up as a possibility, since its hooks can be placed under the garage door, and then the door lifted if the door weight is within the capacity of the drywall lift.
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Question Using drywall panel lift to lift a garage door

I need to lift a 7 feet high x 9 feet wide wood garage door to weigh it in order to replace the extension springs. I have to do this by myself. I was thinking that I could rent a drywall panel lift to raise the garage door, and then of course letting it down on a bathroom scale to weigh it. Is this safe? The load capacity of the drywall panel lifts is 140 to 150 pounds which may be enough for this door.

I posted a similar query in the garage forum, but I thought the people in this forum would be more familiar with the handling and safety of panel lifts. Thank you.
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How difficult would it be to take off one panel, weigh it, and figure out the entire door from there? I'm willing to bet a wood door is going to weigh more than 140 - 150lbs....
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Please do not start a new thread for this problem. Respond here.


Is this an unisulated sectional door?
There aren't many 7x9 doors that two fellows couldn't lift by hand.
If you can lift it with a helper just get a third person to place the scale.

A 36" wrecking bar and some blocks would do it without help..
Find a small number of short pieces of 2x4 and 1x4 lumber.
You should be able to slide the end of the bar under the door and lift it enough to get the first piece of 1x4 under the door.
Once secure on the block, reposition the bar and lift enough to place a 2x4 next to the 1x4.
Keep increasing the number of blocks till you get the height you need.
Make sure you do this in the center of the door.

Another option is that if you could find out the make and model of the door the mfr will know exactly how much it weighs.

Also, if you could find a door that is of the same size and construction, the weight of it will be close enough to select the correct springs.
If you look at a spring selector chart there is a fair range of door weights they will work on.
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Would this help?

Only other way I can think of is to close the door on a scale, remove tension, and make sure nothing is binding such as the rollers.
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Most spring manufactures color code their springs. On one end of the spring there should be a color painted on it. Each color represents a spring weight.

If I were to guess your door weighs anyware between 140-160 lbs.

The best way to go about this is to find the manufacture of the door, (either a label on the door itself, or a marking on the lock handle on the outside), and contact a dealer that handles that brand door and ask them.
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