Which Type of Garage Door Opener Is Better--Chain or Screw Drive?


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Which Type of Garage Door Opener Is Better--Chain or Screw Drive?

We need a new GDO. Which is better/will last the longest--chain drive or screw drive?
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I have only had experience with the screw-type (Genie) GDO. My mother-in-law had it installed about 1972. We bought the home after her death in 1980 and have never had any difficulty with it. I grease the screw every 3 -4 years.
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Go with the screw drive. It will also be quieter than the chain.
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Which Opener

Both are good openers. One thing you have to look at is the type and weight of your door. If you have a heavy door, it is better to have a chain drive. On a screw drive your opening bar will get a bend set in it over time, while a chain drive does not. Yes, the screw drive is quieter for those who need a quiet setting. But they also have quiet screw drives also. So it is really your cholice. The main thing is, do not get a cheap opener. Do not buy a bargain style. Get a good opener. In openers you will get exactly what you have paid for. It is the electric parts you want to be good. I would be causious of any opener priced under $125.00 Good Luck
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I went through two Genie screw drives in about three years. I kept them greased like they said to and everything, but they kept binding up and dying on me, one of them even blew a circuit board.

I bought a chain drive and the thing has worked like a champ since day one. Fast and just as quiet (or noisy?) as the Genies were. I don't know that I'll ever buy another screw drive, but I know others who are completely happy with theirs.
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I personally hate the genie line of GDO's. Nothing but problems.

Excuse me, what I mean is that the new line from Genie is very problematic.

I personally stay away from screw drive machines, as they get very noisy as they age.

You can't go wrong with a chain driven machine.

Also keep in mind. All box store GDO's are packed so you can put it in your car. Meaning that the rail is in peices. For a heavy door this is not good, I have seen too many store bought machines with mangled rails.. If you need a stronger machine, (full 1 peice rail), contact your local Garage door company.
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I have a chain drive....it is noisy...very noisy
Its not the drive that is noisy...its the plastic housing that makes all the noise.
I have a solid wood door, and after weighing the door I went up on the spring size..it helped some, but now my problem is with the remotes.
I have some super secure model that dosnt operate at the same frequency as the universal remotes you can buy at the store, and now I find out that to order 3 remotes only costs $20 less than a new garage door opener.

I am considering just buying the Geni screw drive myself, at least I can get replacement parts easier, and with my springs set the way they are, you can open the door with 1 hand, so stress shouldent be a problem.

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