Garage Door WIll Not Work When The Sun IS Shining Brightly In The Morning

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Garage Door WIll Not Work When The Sun IS Shining Brightly In The Morning

I posted awhile back about this issue and someone suggested to get the light sensors that have tinted lenses.

I have looked everywhere around town, eBay, and tried Google.

I cannot find tinted lenses anywhere.

I have a Genie garage door opener with a 16' garage door.

My problem:
When the sun is shining brightly, my garage door will not close. The sun light is so bright that the light cannot reach theother sensor.

I know this is the problem because I pulled up my car to block the sun from the light beam, and it would work. When I moved it and let the sun shine again, it would not work.

So far, I have tried changing the angle of each receptor/receiver, and switched the sides they are on. I also tried to place something to cover the lense area hoping to block the lilght enough for it to wor, but that did not help.

Someone said I could get the tinted lenses on my receptors, but cannot find them anywhere.

I tried to put a "blinder" on the sensors and it did not work. It seems that if the sun is too bright anywhere on the sensor line, it prevents it from working.

Any suggestions?
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Although not exactly keeping safety in mind, you could move the sensors up above the garage door. What this does is keeps the eyes on each other, but you loose the safety feature. All garage door openers have two safety measures, the first being pressure, so if you leave a ball or something under the door it will automatically raise. the second being the sensors, so if someone decides to walk in, such as a pet, they don't get crunched from the downward pressure of the door. If moving the sensors, adjust the pressure setting on the opener.

My sensors get direct sunlight and don't have a problem. Maybe you have defective senors?? Have you called the manufacturer?
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mine are in the sun to from 1 to 5:30,never had this problem on 20' far back are your sensors sitting.if they all the way farward then you may need to lossen the wing nutt up and slid them back if its a slotted bracket.
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The strange thing is that I have had this opener for over 5 years. This is the first year that I have had this problem.

I took th eunits apart and ran the lenses under water. Also, I sprayed Windex on them to clean them up.

This is the first time I have taken them apart, and they look as if they are scratched.

The way I know it is the sun is that I pulled my Explorer up and blocked the sun and it worked fine. When I backed it up, it would not work again.

It only happens in th emorning time, usually around 9 or so. It only lasts about 2-3 hours (if that long), and when the sun moves, the door works again.
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Here's something to try: Find a tubing material of some kind (toilet paper rolls or short pieces of pvc pipe, for instance) that is the proper size and install it on each of the sensors. Will make it somewhat harder to properly align them, but should give you enough shielding for the light beam to work properly

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