addition & not pulling permits

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addition & not pulling permits

Hello we are adding a 10' x 14' room (dining room) off of our kitchen. we will be knocking down part of an exterior wall & we are not pulling permits due to the xtra costs. It's just a very basic room.

We don't plan on selling the house for years & years if at all - but we will refinance - will this be a problem?

Also our contractor is not licensed - but we have worked with him for years - i realize there is risk involved but any advice?

Sure if money was no object we would do it all by the book.

Thanks in advance!
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dosnt seem to me to be a wise way to save to me

I suppose you and your un-licnessed contractor wont worry much about code either

why not wait , save a little and hire a pro , pull the proper permits and buidl to code ?
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addition & not pulling permits

Sounds like a short term problem waiting to happen. You could be required to tear down what you build and not just do it right.

Despite what you think, your home will be sold in the future.

It will be a bigger problem when you go to sell and have an offer in hand that you like. Your square footage and number of rooms will not agree with records and you will not be able to show it was built properly. You will be at the mercy of the seller and can expect the offer to go down by many thousands if you can even sell it.

The property will have black mark against it and many realtors will avoid getting involved if the smell any sort of problem.

That is the good news. If you have a fire or other disaster, you may have no insurance coverage.

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I understand what you're saying about holding down costs, but it's not worth it. Save, hire a pro and pull the permits like mango man suggested.
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I expect your unlicensed guy is probably uninsured also. What happens if he gets hurt on the job? Have you ever asked why he isn't licensed?
I don't know where you are, but permits in my area are pretty cheap relative to the total job cost. I would rather pay a few bucks to not have a problem with insurance, taxes or selling.

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