Broken Garage Door - HELP PLEASE!

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Broken Garage Door - HELP PLEASE!

I posted this in the repair door and window forum before I saw this. Moderates, please feel free to delete my post in the door and window forum.

Hello all,

I hope you can help answer some questions I have about my broken garage door.

I have (had) the Liftmaster Professional 1/3 HP chain driven garage door opener. (probaby from 1992) For awhile now, my friend has said that it didn't sound so good. A few months back the chain fell off the main drive gear, so with little skill I fixed it myself. It worked fine for a few months and then tonight it came off again. I put the chain back on the gear again and tightened it back up and when I went to open the garage door, the shaft of the main drive gear broke and the garage door is useless. Here's my questions.

Should I have fixed it myself in the first place, or gotten professional help?

Do you think I should try fixing the opener (or more likely have it fixed) or would it be more cost effective in the long run to get a new one?

Any recommendations when looking for a garage door opener? (the door is a 2 car garage door)

Should I try installing the new garage door opener myself, or should I have a professional do it? (the thing I like about having the professional do it is they would be able to look at the tracks, the rollers and the springs to make sure everything is in tip top shape - of course the downside is the cost)

How much do you think it would cost to have a professional install a new garage door opener?

Is there some preventative maintenance that I should have done to keep my garage door working better? (should I have it inspected from time to time?)

Thanks all in advance for your help! I'll be sure to pass the knowledge along to others!

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Your GDO can be repaired, likely the nylon drive gears sheared as they were intended to. It's a cheap fix - but you do need to figure out why.

Disconnect the door from the opener (pull the red cord) and try to lift it. My guess is - you won't be able to.

Like any mechanical device, overhead doors should be serviced annually by a trained professional.

Install of a new opener would typically be less than 100$ (give home despots millwork dept a call, they'll be happy to tell you).
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Bosstone - I'm more of a DIYer. I don't see anything about installing doors or GDOs that's beyond the ability of anyone with a normal amount of mechanical ability. Both doors and GDOs come with instructions geared to homeowner install.
The doors and openers are mechanically pretty simple. You should be able to install a new GDO in half a day no sweat and no special tools needed. GDOs are relatively cheap and if yours is near 15 y/o it might not be a bad idea to replace it.
As Morebeer said in his post though, you need to find out why your current opener failed. Inspect the track, rollers and springs for anything obvious. Disconnect the door from the openere and manually open it. Make sure the rollers aren't binding in the tracks. One of the most common door problems is misaligned tracks. They sometimes come out of square/parallel and the door binds. You can do a 3/4/5 measurement to check them for square and just measure the space between the tracks at the door and at the opener to check for parallel.
If you find that you have a spring problem, that might be the time to call in a pro. Especially if you have torsion springs. Door springs can be dangerous if you aren't familiar with replacing them.
BTW - The Clopay website has a short video on installing their doors. It can give you a feel for how simple it is and maybe some idea s on how to troubleshoot yours.
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Cool Common problem

If there is a reason the chain may have been too tight. The bearing wore out on that shaft, look at the plate around where the shaft comes out if it is round and held in by 3 screws from the inside then you can fix it. I think the part #is 41A4220. If the plate is not round and held in by 2 1/4" bolts from the top your outa luck they don't make those parts anymore, but I've never seen the older ones break like that. Come to think of it they started making the ones that break in 84. we change more gears in those than everything else put together. the parts come with good instructions, follow them but when you're done DO NOT tighten the chain too much leave 1/2" or so of sag in the middle. Good luck.

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