Garage door crippled at center and bowed

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Garage door crippled at center and bowed

I really appreciate you pros advice on this. Thanks in advance.

I guess the opener pushed the door too much. The door is now bent inward at the middle where the bar that connects to chain is attached. Door is also bowed outward. One of the glasses is broken. I just adjusted the distance at which the door is connected to the bar so that it won't push too much. Works ok now, although, the aluminium is bent here and there.

My questions: why did it happen suddenly ? Is it simply because of tension changes(due to warm to cold weather change) in mechanism somewhere or voltage fluctuations ? Or do I have to get it checked by a pro ?

Do they sell garage door glasses separately or do I have to have it custom cut ?

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do you know how it happened

If the door bent out you have at least 2 things wrong. first something stopped the door in travel and second the sensitivity is not adjusted right. Is it a steel door? how wide is the door and does it have a strut on the top section to reinforce it? what brand is the door and the operator? if the glass is insulated(double pain) you may have to get it from a distributer that sells that door if not a good hardware store should be able to cut a new glass if the frame is not broken. Changes in temp. will not cause this, did the door hit something when closing?
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Who ever installed the garage door opener probably didn't re-enforce the top section, and just like a paper clip, over time bending it back and forth eventually it will break. The top section needs a piece of steel angle iron or a strut installed across the top of the section to prevent it from bending. Garage doors aren't designed to handle that pulling and pushing motion without some kind of support. As for the glass, a dealer who caries your line of garage door should be able to get a replacement or call a glass co.

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