Garage Door Springs


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Garage Door Springs

I have an old detached one car garage ( 80 years old) with a metal non powered door that is probably from the '60's. One of the 2 springs broke. My question is this- are springs universal by door measurement or are there specific springs for specific brands, sizes, etc.? I'd like to get a new one without disconnecting the one thats still intact.
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I am afraid I have bad news for you. There are two types of springs. torsion springs. These fit on a bar above the door. The other type are side springs. I suspect these are what you have. Now for garage spring lesson 101. Springs are guaged by the weight of your door. Also, springs come in pairs. They are made in pairs. If you do not replace both springs then you will have one strong spring, and one weak spring. Guess which one will break next. There are 152 different types and thicknesses and strengths of garage door springs made. There are only 2 places in the US that make them. Most are special ordered. The brand of door has no bearing on the spring. Everydoor of the same dimension and same weight will use the same springs.
You cannot just walk in and buy a spring. They have to be ordered through a lumber yard or garage door company. So, there is the whole story I think you will have to disconnect the old spring in order to install the new spring. I know in torsion springs you have to. Good Luck
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I will have to disagree with Jack. You can just walk into a home or hardware store and find the correct extension springs, but you need good info on your door and to type, size, weight. Type and size will help the knowledgable sales people(not available at most big box stores) find the correct spring. Lumber yards that sell garage doors usually have springs and the knowhow. But do replace both springs, check all cables, and most spring sets come with safety cables, DO INSTALL THEM. Do not attempt to do torsion springs yourself, very dangerous.
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Sorry Bill but no store is going to keep a large quanity of garage door springs. This is part of my business. I know for which I speak.
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If the garage doors are of the average then you're probably looking at 100-125 lb doors (easily weighed using a bathroom scale) and the springs, at least in my area (Maryland), are readily available at the big box stores....replace in pairs as Jack and Just Bill said and definitely use the safety cables. I lost the rear window of a Z28 because the previous owner did not install the safety cables....imagine what that broken spring would have done to someones head! Once I weighed my doors I wrote the weight of the door in an obscure area of the door to avoid weighing again. Replacing side springs is easily a DIY project, just take your time and WATCH YOUR FINGERS, particularly around the door panel joints. At our shops we have a nationally-known commercial door company perform the required maintenance and such and I've never seen one of their repairmen with a full set of fingers....tells me to be very careful.
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another pointer, when removing and installing extension springs, DO THIS WITH DOOR UP!!

i know a guy who almost lost his face because he was trying to install them with door down,

it is best if you have TORSION springs, leave it to a pro who has proper safety equipment to prevent death or serious injury.

be careful!!

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