Water entering Garage Door under weatherstrip..


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Water entering Garage Door under weatherstrip..

Hello all,

I am getting some water running into my garage from under my garage door when we have heavy storms.

The garage door is about two years old (Martin) as is the weatherstripping, which is in good condition. The water seems to be coming in in the very corner of one side, from under the weatherstrip. I am not sure how this is possible because the weatherstrip appears to be tight against the garage floor when closed.

Are there weatherstrips which can be put down on the garage floor (which would seal to the weatherstrip on the bottom of the garage door) to add a second-layer of protection from water? Similar to how a front door threshold works? Or is this asking for trouble with a car rolling over it?

Anyone have any ideas on how to solve these frustrating water intrusions when the existing weatherstrip/door seem to be good.

Thanks very much!
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water leakage

hey bvoston,

Just took care of the same issue at my place. I got something called "tsunami seal" off of amazon. Just installed it last week before we had another rain come thru. Works like a champ!!! Had to add a little caulk at the ends to stop water from leaking around it, but so far looks good.

You'll find it anywhere from $90-60 for the exact same thing. I got an 18ft black (I have a 16 ft door) and cut it down to fit tite between the tracks. Funny thing is, the 18ft was cheaper than the 16ft.

Uhhh not sure if i can post the place i got it from, but here goes. Again, remember I got it off amazon from this supplier, it was cheaper than direct from the supplier. Go figure...

AMAZON.........A.J. Pringle & Co LLC
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