Garage Door Opener Installation - closing problems


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Garage Door Opener Installation - closing problems

Hello All,

I have two chain-drive Chamberlain openers I have installed and am having the same problem on both.

They're both on new 8' high sectional roll-up doors, one's a 3/4HP on a 16' wide and the others a 1/2HP on a 8' wide. The doors are balanced and run smoothly.

Here's the problem. When closing, it binds up and reverses as the top/last panel transitions from moving horizontally to its vertical position on the door. It jumps pretty bad and the reverse kicks in.

I can adjust it to maximum downforce, but the blocking/reverse feature doesn't work. Also... it seems unnecessary for a new door that's working just fine. I must have installed something wrong... I double-checked that.

I think I can either reposition the opener or adjust the door to be "heavy".

I have plenty of room to reposition the height of the opener at the header or the head unit.

I tried adjusting the length of the trolley-to-door bar (I tried both extremes w/o help).

Making the door heavy could probably just move the problem from the closing to the opening side of things.

Any recommendations? I'd appreciate any help I can get!
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A couple things come to mind, How high above the door is the opener hung? Should be no more than two inches between the door and the rail when door is open (the lower the better) If it is hung to high the opener arm is almost vertical and tries to push the top section down into the floor (bending it in half) instead of pushing door down. Second make sure both top sections are braced with either a re-enforcing strut (16 footer door) or 1inch x 1inch steel angle iron on the smaller door. Third the opener arm should be attached to the top section in horizontal alignment with the top rollers (draw a line from roller to roller, that is where the arm should pivot). The exception would be on a low headroom style door it mounts about 1/3 of the way down on the top section. Also the curved part of the arm should not hit the top re-enforcing strut as it pivots, so adjust accordantly. Opener should be mounted on center of door if it is extension spring door. Hope this helps

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