Sears Garage Door Opener Won't Open

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Sears Garage Door Opener Won't Open

My garage door opener suddenly stopped working. It's 3-4 years old and only hums when the door opener is engaged either through the remote control or the mounted opener inside of the garage. The opener hums but the door will not travel on the tracks. I can only open and close the door manually. What would cause the malfunction? Also, if the opener unit itself is bad, can I replace only the unit and leave the current tracks?
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Mine did the same thing. Turns out the gear inside was stripped. Just had to order a new one and have my dad install it. Works good as new at a fraction of the cost for a new unit.
Hope that helps, good luck.
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The opener is seperate from the garage door tracks. The rail will come with the opener, and its simple to replace the whole thing. Is this a chain or belt drive unit? I bet if you open the case and look in you will have lots of plastic shavings. Well known problem with these. The plastic gears strip out.

Look at screw drive openers, these problems are not an issue.

Does your door go up and down smoothly and is it balanced correctly? Thats the most common cause of the gears stripping.

EDIT: They do make a kit for repair, bout $30 or so, but I have seen comments that the issue will re-occur more rapidly after repair. Just not a good design I guess.
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Sears Garage Door Opener Won't Open


I am going to assume that you have a chain driven garage door opener model, security plus. I am also going to assume that you live on the east coast.

There are a few things that I need to know.
1. When you hear the hum coming from the garage door opener, is it a long or short hum?
2. Does your garage door feel heavier than five pounds off the ground, when you pick it up manually?
3. When you lift the garage door all the way up, does the door stay in the header or roll back?
4. When you put the door in the midway position (two panels up and two panels down, thru the middle of the door you should see the header) will it stay there by itself?

Hope this helps.
1. If itís a long hum.
1a) I would think that the internal drive gear has gone bad.
1b) Unplug the garage door opener then remove the case.
1c) Is there a white powder on the bottom?
1d) If youíre handy itís a relatively easy fix.
1e) If this sounds like something that you can tackle, make sure that you replace the gear and sprocket shaft assembly.
2. If itís a short hum.
2a) Make sure that the carriage is not stuck on either of the stop bolts.
2b) If youíre handy itís a relatively easy fix.
2c) Take the nut off of the stop bolt and knock the stop bolt out.
3. Questions 2, 3, and 4 are referring to your garage door itself.
3a) If your garage door does not balance correctly you are wasting your time by changing the above part.
3b) If you have no experience with garage door springs, call a professional.

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Garage door does not close evenly

Hi, I have an automatic garage door with Genie screw style opener. My wife tried several times to close the door without realizing something was was in the track. Since then, door does not close evenly - one side comes down before the other so there is a gap in one side. If I disengage the gear - I can move it up and down freely and it closes much more evenly. Any advice how to fix this problem. I can't afford the cold air - it is getting cold up here. Thank you for your help.
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My gear and sprocket shaft assembly completely stripped yesterday: December 7th.

A little history:
for 3 years in the winter only, I would have to keep pressing the button sometimes 15 times before finally the door would not get stuck and it would open fully.

This summer I learned that there are 2 adjustments on the box, the strength for lift and strength for lower.

It had been set to 1 for each. I set it to 7 (highest setting is 9). Then on the coldest day since the adjustment: -10 below, the gear stripped.

Does nlyon gear wear out over time? is it a coincidence with my setting the power setting higher? The door opener is probably 10 years old.

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bc9 and hag...this is why its better to start your own threads...we now have two posts with unrelated problems to the original question. Some people will mark a thread as read and will not come back to look at it if they have already replied.

@bc9...has the opener rail twisted at the mounting bracket above the door? Has the whole rail and drive unit twisted? It should come out at a 90 degree angle from the wall above the center of the door. It may have also racked the track or the door itself. Measure corner to corner diagonally on the door and the horizontal and vertical tracks. The measurements should be w/in maybe 1/8" of being the same. Not for all 3 things, but for the 2 measurements on each thing.

@hag...10 yrs is longer than many of those gears last. But you shouldn't have to go from a 1 setting to a 7 just because of the colder weather. Maybe to a 3, but you shouldn't have to go to a 7 normally, unless you have other issues.

Does your door move smoothly and freely when disconnected from the opener? Does it stop anywhere in the middle 2/3 of the opening w/o slamming down or rolling up? Are all the hardware attaching bolts snug? Are the tracks and wheels clean and free of any debris? No oil or grease in the tracks, it only attracts crud. A light spray of silicone is about all you should need.

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