Garage Door Opener Won't Lift Door


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Garage Door Opener Won't Lift Door

Hoping someone can help me troubleshoot the problem ...

My Genie Intellicode Screw-type GDO will not lift the door off the floor. The GDO will close the door but experiences slippage over the last foot or two of the decent. Could the thread be stripped (if so, how do I tell) or is the issue likely a capacitor malfunction (which I read would affect the GDO's ability to lift the door but would not affect the door descent)?

When the GDO tries to lift the door, there's a grinding noise that occurs before the door is even lifted off the floor.

The door will open and close manually.

If this is a stripped track issue, is a new GDO a less expensive alternative to a track replacement?

Appreciate anyone who has experience in this arena offering their experience and guidance.
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You say the door "opens and closes manually". But does it?? it should open/close with about equal force, and stay in midtravel if you let it go. if it does not, the opener may not be able to lift it, check spring adjustments. If it does, grinding is not a sign of a bad starting capacitor, check the opener drive train.
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I think you have a stripped carriage. This website has some good information.

Genie Carriage Screw Drive Excelerator | Genie Garage Door Opener Carriages
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Hi, you mentioned a couple of important issues. More than likely your trolley is stripped, not the actual track(or screw) that the black plastic trolley runs in. This trolley stripped for a reason though. Your springs are definitely worn. How old is your door? Have you ever had the springs replaced? If you decide to by a new opener, I would probably purchase something other than the brand you stated. Think of it this way: the door opens twice as fast as any other opener on the market, hmmm Why do all the other brands go slower? because its less harsh on the mechanics of the door. If you opened and closed your front door super fast all the time something would come loose or crack over a short period of time, right? And your front door only has 3 hinges, not 17 hinges, 2 cables, 2 springs, 10 rollers etc... get the picture. Unless you're batman or running from the long arm of the law, I would stick to slower belt driven(zero maintenance) openers. That still wont solve your bad springs issue, which must be handled before the opener issue. As one of the other guys said your door should not be heavy to lift. It should feel like its on the moon, weightless. If you're having a one arm power lift on the door instead of two fingers, than thats a problem. you should be able to lift your door with 2 fingers if it were properly balanced. Dont try and change these on your own, it is very dangerous, save yourself pain and call a professional(small mom and pop companies are perfect, not the big super page ad companies. Remember big ad, big bill. small ad, small bill.
Hope this helps, Mike
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Its a screw check the couplers between the screw sections....if its the DIY version. Not sure if the Pro models use a single piece track and screw. I know my old Pro model Genie does.

Even then, there is probably some sort of clutch or coupler between the motor and the screw.

IIRC the trolley is a hard plastic. I'd probably remove it first and check if its stripped. You can kinda test it by disconnecting the door..then running the trolly and putting a little drag on it by hand...
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