Sealing up the Garage Door - Temporary Fix


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Sealing up the Garage Door - Temporary Fix

We are moving into a rental home and we wanted to utilize the 1 car garage as an office. With that in mind we are trying to figure out the best way to seal off the door in a temporary way so if we move in the future its relatively easy to remove.

As we live in Florida, the summer heat is crazy with humidity so that would be the time of year we are most concerned with. We already assumed we would be purchasing a portable AC unit (suggestions are appreciated) but we need to close off the garage door.

A few things to note:

1. We won't ever open the garage door.
2. There is some light around the edges of the garage door we'd like to seal up.
3. We can't install a window unit AC, it must be portable.
4. The only time of day there is direct sunlight into the garage is between 3-5ish, as the garage door faces west. However, there are trees across the street so once they fall behind them its no longer direct.
5. The door is wood.

Any suggestions for closing it up to make it cooler, given the conditions we have would be greatly appreciated.

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Since it is a rental home, you are limited as to what you can do. If you can work up a plan and have the landlord approve it, you will be miles ahead.

If you see light, water from storms will get in as well as insects and other critters.

You could probably seal up the sides, top and bottom with something like closed cell foam insulation strips.

How do you plan to exhaust the hot air from the portable A/C?

You say the garage faces west, which gets the hottest sun of the day. It's not just direct, but reflected from the driveway and absorbed by the wall(s) and roof. I doubt that Florida garages are heavily insulated.
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