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It seems whenever the temp falls below freezing, the opener stops working. If I depress the push button to close, and hole the button, the door will close about 3/4. Then it reverses and opens. I have noticed that the push button continues to flash. What do I need to do?

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When it gets cold the lubricant or 'lack of' make it hard to move and the safty pressure switch in the door closer kicks in. use a thinner oil, but first make sure every thing is clean remove any old grease, dirt and check to see if the screw may have gotten bent. You should always do a good service before winter even if you do not live where it get cold this will add many years to the life of your opener .....
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Sounds like there is some binding between the door and the trim on the sides of the "jamb" (Where the face of the door hits on each side.) Open the door slowly and see if you see any marks from rubbing there. You can try some silicone spray there or.. id that doesn't work take a block of wood hold it on the "high spots" (where you see signs of rubbing) and "give it a wack" towards the outside of the garage. It might be just enough to give you the little extra you need!

I once had a customer with a simular problem and while he was standing there I took a small log from his firewood stack and gave the spot a wack and tossed the log back on the pile! He looked at me like I was nuts but it worked fine after that!! It's not necessarly the tool, but knowing where to hit it! LOL

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