Bracing Garage door for opener installation

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I am going to install an opener on the garage door in my new home. The door is uninsulated aluminum 16x7. The man at the store where I bought the opener told me to call the door manufacturer to find out what kind of bracing is needed for the door to keep the opener from bowing it. The instructions with the opener say the same thing, and there is a sticker on the door saying that a opener kit is required. The problem is that I can't find who the manufacturer is anywhere on the door. I was wondering if I really need something specifically from the manuf. or would bolting on some angle iron do the trick?
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If your door is relatively new there should be a support strut that is fastend to the door stiles(metal where the hinges are fastened)from one end of the door to the other. If that is the case I would just mount the opener directly to the center stile. If you dont I would get a piece of pre punched angle iron long enough to mount one stile to the left and right of center. If you have a garage door dealer in town I would call them and get a price on a 16' strut as it might just be about the same price and will give alot more support. Lastly you will need to buy some selftapping screws to mount your support and opener hardware to the door. I would not recommend usuing the carriage bolts that come with the opener and drilling all the way thru the door,as that is only nessacary on a wooden door. 1/4"thread with a 7/16 head (uses a socket and your drill) secure everthing nicely. Hope this helps
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I would find who sold the door to the builder and ask them what they did with the strut the comes with the door of that size.
Please purchase a strut and dont use punched angle because you may not get your opener adjusted correctly and your door needs all the help it can get.
Also please do not make the opener make the door seal on the floor. common mistake by homeowners.when u think you have your door where you want it pull down on the door and there should be lots of play for the door to come down more.

My 2 cents
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What is the reasoning behind not having the door seal against the floor? I wouldnt set it so tight that the opener rail bows up,but it should keep the weather out. I too would suggest a strut first, unless nothing else is available. If you only have one strut or none on your door, and you have acces to them I would suggest mounting a total of three on you door. One on the top panel,and one each on the two lowest panels. This will add a lot of structural support to this big and lightweight of door.
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Timmy is exactly right. Now here is why the man in the store told you what he did. Manufactures of most garage doors, quit putting struts or door stiffeners in the door package about 2 years ago. The reason, alot of people do not use them. On the boxes the door came in, it states that these are options. They can be purchased, very reasonable. They look like a "T" with predrilled holes, that can be put right on to your door. They go on the top panel about 3 to 4" down from the top, and also the same up from the bottom panel. Usually two struts or stiffeners to a door. Also your door should go down to form a seal. Maybe 1/4" off the floor. In some cases 1/8".
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Im not greate with words im just saying that I replace so many doors because home owner force them down too tite.
They call me and say hey someone hit my door the bottom pannel is bent,I say no your opener was forced down too tite and something had to give.

In michigan it is nothing for one side of the floor on even new builds to move as much as 3 inches with the frost.And because of door installers usualy are just employees who dont care I get lots of work.

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