garage door is jumpy

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My garage door seems to jump at about 1/4 and 1/2 the distance of opening and seems very rough. I watched it from the outside and seen that at the point of jumping the door looks to be swaying a little, (ie; one side lower and jumps to even things out). Is this a balance problem and if so how do I adjust the balance? Or is this a more serious problem? I fear that this problem will create an early death for my opener, is this so or will the force adjustment overcome?
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You need to get his fixed right away before it costs you some real money. Something has come loose. A bolt or screw in the frame probably. Something is not level and straight.
If you can't spot it right off hand, call a garage door man.
This jumping will add stress to other members of your door and frame. If it continues, one of these times you door will fall onto your floor. A really big mess. It will damage the door also.
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post back

I would guess that you have extension springs. So please post back if you do. One side is either a differnt spring, getting weak or the cable is not adjusted for the same tension as the other side, or you could have a roller that is dragging( bad bearings). Take your remote out and operate it while standing on the inside watching the side that hangs up. If you can not find anything and cant tell if your spring is the problem then follow jacks advice. if you due get new springs make sure there are safety cables installed inside them.

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