cost of building a new garage

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cost of building a new garage


i am completely new to remodeling / renovation. we are first time home buyers and are looking at a house that might need some work. amongst other things - i am looking to build a structure similar to a garage, but used as an artist studio next to the house in Palisades NY area. does someone have an idea as to how much such a thing might cost?

probably equivalent to a 2 car garage with storage area in back and rafters above to store equipment/sculptures, etc.

i plan to convert it to 2 car garage in the future if we have to move out
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The only way to know for sure (since labor and material costs vary widely) is to go to a few contractors with your basic design and see what they quote. You will need to specify what kind of tools you might be using to get power requirements as well as things like insulation, windows, lighting, storage, access to the attic, roll up door and man door, etc, etc.

For a space that will at least initially be a workshop of sorts...I think $30K would be a starting point. Though my neighbor in VA spent almost that much on just a 2 car garage with standard garage fittings.
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On a slab, just materials, no heat, no plumbing, minimal electric, and I helped (a little) while my son did virtually all of the labor and he went over 20K. That was a 26 x 30, 2 car. Add heat, insulation, drywall, and labor and closer to $40K would be my guess.

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I have a friend that had a garage built similar to what you propose. As I recall it was about $40k and that was eight or ten years ago. Then again, costs in this area are a bit higher than the national averages.

It IS a nice garage, though.
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Great, thank you! Given what you said, I will estimate somewhere between 40-50k
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The others pretty much covered what I was going to say.
For my new garage (building next summer), I'm looking at About $45k finished (30x32) for the concrete contracted out, and the rest being all materials.

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