Question regarding foundation for 10x10 Shed

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Question regarding foundation for 10x10 Shed

Hello all. Hoping someone could provide some insight on this question.

I am building a shed foundation using Dek-Blocks:
"Dek-Block" concrete deck base | RONA

I will be playing 6x6 PT wood on top of the dek blocks followed by the floor made out of 2x8 and 5/8's plywood

how high should I keep the non treated wood off the floor to prevent rotting? my backyard is on a slope so water shouldn't be sitting anywhere.

I dug holes into the ground to place the dek blocks to bring the floor closer to the ground along with gravel below the dek blocks.

Thanks for your help.
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As long as you maintain open air space between the floor and gravel, you should be fine. I built a similar based shed by laying the 6x6's directly on the gravel and built the shed on top of the 6x6's. I no longer own that property, but the shed still appears to be in good shape.
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So the depth of the 6x6 was good enough off from the floor? Reason I ask is I want to bring down the floor as close as possible so that my ramp to get into it isn't that big.

Whatever the minimal is I can put the better i'd like it.

thank you.
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What's going to rot first is the siding and trim if it's not at least 6" up off the ground.
I would not waste my money on Dek-Blocks. Those small foot prints on disturbed soil are going to sink.
I'd first level out a layer #57 stone the size of the building plus at least 12" on all sides. Lay the 6 X 6's directly on the stone. Use at least 4 to spread out the load and keep the center from sagging.
Use 3/4" Advantech T & G subflooring not 5/8 plywood. Far stronger and more moisture resistant.
Use construction adhesive on top of the floor joist.
Use blocking between the joist.
Use hurricane ties to attach the joist to the 6 X 6's, not just toe nailed nails.
Use Deck Lock 6" screws to attach the rim joist so there's no way the wood can twist and open up a gap.
Make sure there's an over hang on the room on all sides. The whole outside of the shed will stay dryer and leak free with an over hang.
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I already got the blocks and adjustable poles.

sorry its not plywood im using but similar to the one you specified TG 5/8s. ill put some PL between the plywood and 2x8s

my neighbor is using same blocks beneath her shed and its gone through a winter and looks straight still

ill keep the shed minimum 6 inches off the ground.

btw the soil isn't disturbed. I would never put blocks on disturbed soil. I dug down otherwise the floor would be 2-3ft off the ground. I dug down, placed some pea gravel around 2 inches beneath the block and then put the block on top of the gravel.

im using 3 x 6x6x10 pressure treated beams that will be 3 feet 10 inches separate from each other and 3 blocks in each row total 9 dek blocks

this is what the specs say for the block manufacturer. it called for more blocks if not using beams but im using beams so it allows less blocks.

I tried to upload a picture but it failed.
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here is the picture

picture of what im doing. resolution was to big so I resized
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