Garage Door Springs Not The Same?

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Garage Door Springs Not The Same?

Hello Everyone:
The other day one of my garage door springs busted and I'm going to attempt the repair myself(I have 100% confidence in my abilities). I am stuck on one thing. While measuring for the inside diameter, I noticed that one cone has a different code(#) than the other. The left spring has OMI 2.0/G 7.1, and the right spring has OMI 2.0/G 7.2. Both have the same OMI, but different G numbers. My question is:

How do I interpret these numbers, and are they supposed to be different? Here are a few photo's: Many thanks to all.Name:  P1010012.jpg
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Those are the part numbers of the winding cones. The make, model, and size of the door would help. Most companies that sell these springs can match them from that information.
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torsion springs

my advice is measure the spring length, interior diameter and wire size in hundredths of an inch, to note the wind of the spring look down the barrel of the coil holding the broken end at 6 o'clock whichever way the coil is pointing to is wind, either left hand or right hand wind, and for the repair have plenty of vice grips
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The 2.0 could be 2 inch... most residential springs are either 1 3/4 inch or 2 inch or 2 1/4 inch. Use a ruler and take a picture of it pushed inside next to the broken part of the spring.Attachment 45432
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I suspect that the OMI 2.0 stands for 2" inside diameter of the spring. The difference between G 7.1 and G 7.2 is probably the difference between the part numbers for the left-hand winding and the right-hand winding cones.

Be sure that you replace both springs. If one breaks, the other is close behind. Use a matched set. I always get replacements with the cones already installed just because the cones are cheap.

Check out this link for more info. Do-It-Yourself Garage Door Tutorials & How-To Instructions

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