Attaching shed to cement slab.

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I currently have a 8x10 aluminum shed on a 10x10 cement slab. I want to replace it with a 10x10 wooden shed. My question is: How do I anchor the wooden shed to the cement slab? What would be the best, most secure, way of anchoring? I've heard of epoxy anchors, but I have never seen then used before. Has anyone useed them before and if so, are they easy to install?
Any help would be appreciated.
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Epoxy anchors work very well but are probably overkill. Redheads, or any other concrete expansion bolt will hold a 10 x10 shed where it is forever. I'd use either 3/8 or 1/2" bolts 3-1/2" long. Put one in each corner, either side of each doorway and every 32" in between.
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You could bolt the bottom sills down two ways. One is to install studs into the concrete and use a washer and nut to hold the sill. Or you could use concrete screws. Something coated would be your best bet, because they will get rusty eventually. Don't forget to use a vapor barrier between the wood and concrete.

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